So I have started planning my future, the rest of my life. Since I was little I listened to my Father talk about how he grew up in Australia, travelling the world and seeing things I could only ever dream of. There were boxes full of photographs, and objects given to the family by the aboriginals, which still hang in our landing. All this seemed like a wonderful land to me, however I struggled to grasp the reality of it.

So, Ive decided its time I go and find this beautiful dream I have always felt as a fantasy. I have booked my flights and my journey begins in July. Starting in New York City with my best friend of 18 years I will be working my way across America, visiting San Diego, Los Angeles and then I am meeting my boyfriend in Vegas. We plan to travel to the Grand Canyon and from LA we are to fly over to Sydney!  We aim to work and travel for as long as we want to. Yes, we’ve bought a one way ticket! Exciting right.

No one knows what the future holds so I have decided to follow my heart and do what I have always dreamed of. I can’t wait to explore cultures and new lands, walk along white sandy beaches and feel free, nothing tying me down.

So here goes, to the rest of my life.

– – – – >   I am planning on creating a blog of my travels, so I can write about my experience, share my photographs and even review some of the wonderful restaurants and sites I will be visiting along the way.

WANDERLUST – A great desire to travel and rove about. 



HELLO 2015

So, I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a big year from me. So far I have created some incredible work for cliental and I feel I have pushed my boundaries within photography, networking and creating strong contacts within the industry. I have also completed my dissertation, a massive achievement for me! & now I am planning my travelling trip across the world!


Here is an update of my work so far in 2015.


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I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot with this incredible model a couple of weeks back for my project on expression. Despite Ottilie not being from a background of dance she worked with all my direction beautifully and overall the shoot was a massive success.


So here it is … the dreaded final Year of University.
Yes.. I am stressed. However I am loving every moment of it.
I get to photograph whatever I feel inspired too but I also have to write about it…. 10,000 words. I know I have the confidence and determination to do it.. I just have to fight away the awful anxieties and worries along the way.

Throughout time, dance has evolved within culture and society as a means of entertainment. During the renaissance period social dancing reflected the values of society and became a form of release and escape during the Great Depression. Everything, inclusive of dance, adapts to the popular culture alike to how dance changed the way fashions were perceived within society. However, to what extent has this changed the way we view and capture fashion through advertisements and editorials? Additionally how does this display the fit body of a dancer as a good representation within todays modern society.
A similarity between Dance and Fashion is that they are both expressive of a persons individuality and character; Dance can portray emotion, whereas Fashion can create a personality. Despite their similarities, when combined, restrictions arise of how Dance can be truly reflected within a 2D photographic image. When the movement is frozen in this frame is the realism of Dance confined?



Recently I photographed Cardiff Fashion Show for the graduates of the Fashion Design course at the University of South Wales; PLATFFORM 14!
Here are a mixture of my behind the scenes shots of the MAC makeup artists and SEBASTIAN Professional hair teams working their magic on the beautiful models. I was then situated at the front of the catwalk to capture the show. edit2copy edit3copy edit5copy edit6copy edit7copy edit9copy edit10copy edit11copy edit12copy edit13copy edit17copy edit18copy edit19copy edit20copy edit23copy edit24cpy edit26copy edit28copy edit32copy edit33copy edit36copy edit37copy edit38copy edit41copy edit43copy edit44copy edit45copyPLATFFORM 14



Recently I worked on a Live University project commissioned by Ally Capellino. Myself and my group created a set of images that took the British brand in a new, fresh direction whilst keeping its brand values and known aesthetic of natural, quality products.

Please click the link above to view Ally Capellino’s blog page where a selection of our images are posted. (The first three images) and also follow this link: http://ac1-raw.weebly.com for the rest of the project and complete final images.


Working with one men’s and one women’s AC bag from the SS14 collection, create a series of images and video focusing on the bag. Upcoming Spring theme ‘Greens and Nudes’ is your starting point or inspirational subject matter.’

Adagio : Behind the scenes

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For this shoot I was expressing myself, my love of dance and also my love for the Sea and everything natural about it. Breathing and living, choice of satisfaction and happiness evolves through all of these things for me, therefore this shoot ‘Adagio’ compiles all i believe in.
Here are a few behind the scenes shots, you can see the full final images in my previous post.