So here it is … the dreaded final Year of University.
Yes.. I am stressed. However I am loving every moment of it.
I get to photograph whatever I feel inspired too but I also have to write about it…. 10,000 words. I know I have the confidence and determination to do it.. I just have to fight away the awful anxieties and worries along the way.

Throughout time, dance has evolved within culture and society as a means of entertainment. During the renaissance period social dancing reflected the values of society and became a form of release and escape during the Great Depression. Everything, inclusive of dance, adapts to the popular culture alike to how dance changed the way fashions were perceived within society. However, to what extent has this changed the way we view and capture fashion through advertisements and editorials? Additionally how does this display the fit body of a dancer as a good representation within todays modern society.
A similarity between Dance and Fashion is that they are both expressive of a persons individuality and character; Dance can portray emotion, whereas Fashion can create a personality. Despite their similarities, when combined, restrictions arise of how Dance can be truly reflected within a 2D photographic image. When the movement is frozen in this frame is the realism of Dance confined?


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