HELLO 2015

So, I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a big year from me. So far I have created some incredible work for cliental and I feel I have pushed my boundaries within photography, networking and creating strong contacts within the industry. I have also completed my dissertation, a massive achievement for me! & now I am planning my travelling trip across the world!


Here is an update of my work so far in 2015.


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Moroccan Oil

So I have just used Moroccan Oil for the first time, and my hair feels absolutely beautiful. It smells divine and covered my hair so easily. I was given the product as a thank you when working with Make up and hair artist Rebecca Claire whilst I was assisting Elspeth Van Der Hole. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, any type of hair. My hair can occasionally get very dry and broken and in one use this product seems to have already sorted my hair out. Will definitely be buying this from now on!



A styling, finishing and conditioning product for all hair types. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is an ultra-light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment has the ability to restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures. Directions for use: – Styling and finishing: After shampooing and conditioning, start with a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it through damp hair. Style as usual. – Protection: To control frizz and protect hair from environmental factors, apply a small amount (few drops) to dry hair as often as needed. – Colour process: Before applying colour, prepare hair by applying approximately 5ml of Moroccanoil Oil Treatment directly on hair and gently massage the product through to enhance the hair’s ability to absorb colour. Do not rinse the hair before applying colour or bleach. Add 4 to 5ml to the colour mix and continue the process as usual. This will enhance shine, elasticity and depth of colour. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment revives, hydrates, and most importantly, detangles hair, wigs and hair extensions. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment is stored in an amber glass bottle to protect the oil from ultra-violet rays that cause oxidation and degradation. Alcohol Free.