Sometimes I find it hard, sometimes I struggle to find a smile and think positively and in those dark days I always end up realising theres much to live for, there are dreams and there are goals I haven’t yet reached. The only person you can rely on is yourself, so many people believe they are there for you, when really you are the only person who truly understands yourself. So here’s to my future and my summer.¬†pictures of ear piercings (7) Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 00.43.31 1383856_559848557397222_1187178874_n tumblr_n108knjaM91s9mgelo1_500 tumblr_n0xdwqUKxV1rlhu0ro1_500 tumblr_n0yc7h6ejj1t5m1rxo1_500 tumblr_n0zlcvXmlx1rmw0cso1_500 1c3ef02a44aefc3dfee42a3fadffa875


Sometimes bad things in life open up your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.

So the last few weeks have really opened my eyes to who I want to be. However somewhere along the line of trying to make myself happy I lost who I truly am. Sometimes it takes the smallest of things to make you click into place again. I think everyone who’s close to me at the moment can realise just how happy I really am. I have a lot going for me, I realise this now, its time to stay positive and succeed to the highest of my ability. There’s a place I aim to be, and I will, no matter what, get there.


Personal I know, but it has to be said.



Being single isn’t a time to look for love, use that time to work on yourself and grow as an individual.


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Yesterday at University we had a workshop in Street photography. This style of photography I have always hated as I prefer to control a situation rather than stand in a street and hope for someone fashionable to come my way…. but even then capturing them right without a mouthful of abuse is not the easiest. So…… Yesterday we learnt how to shoot “from the hip”. This technique is very successful and is also very discreet. It is also extremely difficult as you have no idea what you are capturing. Not going to lie, a lot of my photographs were of the floor, the sky or the bush behind the person i was meant to be capturing..
However, as the day went on I started to get the hand of where my lens was pointing and actually captured some half decent shots..
I was able to capture a few stylish people however the streets of Newport, South Wales are not the most fashionable of places so I decided to photograph the city as it is…. so here’s my result. Enjoy!

Please send me any feedback, I would much appreciate it, even critique, just dont be too harsh this is my first attempt ūüėČ

All images copyright to Laura Jayne Richards



New university project


DSC_7065 DSC_7069 DSC_7071 DSC_7073_2 DSC_7079 DSC_7084

My main aim for this project and most projects I undertake is to push myself to its limits, trying new things, ideas and techniques. From this I decided I wanted to work with a documentary style of photography to help push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I have never experimented with street style photography or documentary apart from the brief’s given in University so I was determined to take this chance to broaden my horizons in the subject area. I feel strongly about the sanctity of life and equality within humanity, that no one should suffer, each of us having a fair and comfortable life. When I read negative stories on how some people live in such hardship I become saddened and emotional, for that reason I wanted to channel these feelings in capturing different ways of life. Consequently, I began researching artists, photographers and first hand accounts and stories of how homeless people, prostitutes and people in poverty live.

I have never really enjoyed documentary photography and so this project really stretched my boundaries allowing me to explore something I had never previously been interested in. I found researching political power and how it affects everyday life exhilarating and became very excited to be producing work that could also bring forward concept, thought and aggravation. When thinking of initial ideas I looked into the news and the ways people less fortunate live yet are able to survive. I also looked into protest, how people have rights and how they fight for their views, beliefs, their religion and for a better way of living and how it is natural to fight for survival. From my research I was unsure whether to include people within my images due to ethical reasons; on the other hand I felt they strengthened the emotive and engaging concept. I aim to research into this more and also experiment using both ideas before concluding this project.

I have always had a love for art, which is shown throughout some of my previous work in photography. Therefore I decided to incorporate art into my concept, combining art and copy as the brief requests yet also using art to transfer these ideas within the image. This also allows me to become more experimental, steering away from editing the letters or words in by Photoshop. My inspiration from this was mainly from the works of Franz Klien – black and white lines – and Sagmeister‚Äôs series of five images which read out ‚Äútrying to look good limits my life‚ÄĚ.

After roughly deciding what I wished to achieve I looked Protest and Survive up in the dictionary and researched into their meanings, this helped me understand the brief better and also sparked some imagination leading me to brainstorm further ideas.

When noting down initial ideas for this project I mainly focused on the concept I wanted to grasp and also what word or phrase I wished to incorporate. I brainstormed many phrases to do with survival, decay and the sanctity of life. This led me to find that using a five letter word over the five final images would work out visually stronger and effective. From this I decided that the word DECAY suited appropriately.




Blogging is something I just love doing. i dont know why. and tbh i dont actually care. Its somewhere i can let all my ideas go, inspiration flare and its always something – a like to my diary – that I always look back on. Its memories. Its my life. And it tells the story of how i have gotten to where I am now. F*** the haters. Im me and I always will be. My walls are built too strong for your opinions and actions to bring me down. Photography is what I love. Fashion is a part of my life along side all the great people who have recently stuck by me through thick and thin. Peace & Eternal love guys. ‚̧


Heres a snippet of my current loves needs wants.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 17.38.50 Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 17.43.33


So I am back to University next weekend, so excited but Ive made some really great friends this summer who I am going to miss a hell of a lot! I’ve also learnt, grown and developed into such a stronger person these last few months through crap being thrown at me from every angle. Although I always have a reason to smile…. so cant wait to get back to what I love doing and those amazing people at University.
Also bring on next summer which will hopefully be the best summer of my life – travelling to America to be with my best friend Mr Roberts. He’s been the star of my life at the moment along side my family. Bring on the hot summer days and road trips through California!

Peace & Love: LauraJayne

Every story has an end, but in life, every ending is just a new beginning.





Here’s my current iTunes playlist for summer! This drove me all the way to Devon and on day trips throughout these beautiful summer days and night. Enjoy.


The Burn For You: Lawrence Taylor


Its Time: Imagine Dragons


All in: Lifehouse


We Are Young: Fun.


Home: Gabrielle Aplin


Just a Kiss: Lady Antebellum


Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke ft t.i Pharell


Chocolate: The 1975


Crystalised: The XX


Laughter Lines: The Lumineers


Yeah Yeah: Willy Moon


Only Love: Ben Howard


Dear Darlin: Olly Murs


White is the colour of fresh milk and snow. It is the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption. It does not have any hue.

The Great Gatsby : F. Scott Fitzgerald

The great Gatsby – one of my favourite books and films, so here’s a little symbol of white within the meaning of the context.

: innocence, purity and femininity

The colors white and yellow have special significance in the novel. White is a symbol of purity and goodness, while yellow is the color of corruption and greed.¬†Gatsby’s world,¬†East Egg¬†and¬†West Egg, is one that superficially appears pure, but is less savory at its core. Similarly Daisy projects an image of innocence, but that is later revealed to be merely a facade. She is unconcerned about the consequences of her choices, and acts solely on the basis of what she wants at that moment in time. Even her name relates to this theme, because a daisy is white on the outside, but yellow on the inside. Gatsby used two cars: one, which is a cream color, towards the beginning of the novel, and the yellow “death car” which Daisy and Gatsby strike and kill Myrtle in.


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