So I have started planning my future, the rest of my life. Since I was little I listened to my Father talk about how he grew up in Australia, travelling the world and seeing things I could only ever dream of. There were boxes full of photographs, and objects given to the family by the aboriginals, which still hang in our landing. All this seemed like a wonderful land to me, however I struggled to grasp the reality of it.

So, Ive decided its time I go and find this beautiful dream I have always felt as a fantasy. I have booked my flights and my journey begins in July. Starting in New York City with my best friend of 18 years I will be working my way across America, visiting San Diego, Los Angeles and then I am meeting my boyfriend in Vegas. We plan to travel to the Grand Canyon and from LA we are to fly over to Sydney!  We aim to work and travel for as long as we want to. Yes, we’ve bought a one way ticket! Exciting right.

No one knows what the future holds so I have decided to follow my heart and do what I have always dreamed of. I can’t wait to explore cultures and new lands, walk along white sandy beaches and feel free, nothing tying me down.

So here goes, to the rest of my life.

– – – – >   I am planning on creating a blog of my travels, so I can write about my experience, share my photographs and even review some of the wonderful restaurants and sites I will be visiting along the way.

WANDERLUST – A great desire to travel and rove about.